Ires: a short history

In Piemonte socio-economic research in support of local government planning took off by initiative of the Provincia di Torino. The Provincia formally established Ires on May 9th 1958 by act of notary public.

By Regional Law of September 2nd 1974, later amended, Ires becomes a regional agency in its own right. Its mission reads as follows: “…Ires… as a government agency carries on its duties in close cooperation with the Regional Government’s planning needs … in this capacity it also assists local governments and authorities“.

Ires functions are currently defined by Regional Law no.43/1991. It sets up the “new” Ires, Istituto di Ricerche Economico Sociali del Piemonte, as the agency charged with research activites to assist the Regione’s planning responsibilities in cooperation with the local government.

Ires, today

930 published researchs
11 regular surveys on various subjects: from education to immigration to agriculture, etc.
33 full time employees

Ires vis-à-vis the research community in Piemonte

The panorama of applied socio-economic research has undergone an extraordinary upheaval since Ires started out. Big changes have transformed the researcher’s work. Above all very important transformation have affected social research’s demand and offer. Society has become much more complex and “liquid” and so has the market. Administrators and politicians alike have become more demanding and savvy.

Against this unsettled and complex backdrop Ires still plays an essential role in Piemonte. It is a well -known outfit able to offer both basic and applied research along with consulting activity and spot analysis for a large and diversified audience. It is fitting to cite how Ires has branded some of its successful analysis with evocative metaphors which in turn have morphed into everyday socio-economic discourse: from the “Three Piemonti” to “Change without innovation” to “Piemonte polycentric”.

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