Ires Piemonte is a research institute specializing in economics, sociology and land planning. It produces its analysis on behalf of the Regional Government’s various departments as well as of other Local government Agencies in Piemonte.

Ires was originally set up in 1958 by the Provincia and the City of Torino along with other junior public and private partners. Later on all the remaining Piedmontese Provinces joined the endeavor. In 1991 the Institute has become an agency of the Regional Administration of Piemonte

From the legal viewpoint Ires is a government agency enjoying full independence according to Regional law no. 43 of September 3 1991

Its main activities consist of:

  • The annual survey of socio-economic and land planning in Piemonte
  • Surveys and analysis of the main socio-economic and territorial indicators of Piemonte
  • Periodical analysis of short-term economic indicators about Piemonte
  • Research and analysis in connection with the Regional Development Plan
  • Sectoral research on behalf of Regione Piemonte and sundry Local Government Agencies